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DIE HEART: "Jolie" lyric video featuring SWISS
2016-06-02 09:50:56 | Hugo Miguel Delgado

What to do if you have great songs that excite other artists as well as the band and their fans? Right, you take the other artists and record some awesome featured tracks. After Gary Meskil (PRO PAIN) lent his unique voice to the title track of the EP "All For One" , DIE HEART have released another highlight for the song "Jolie".

Already when DIE HEART were choosing the songs for the EP, they played the songs to SWISS from SWISS & DIE ANDERN and they both decided that they had to do something together. As SWISS & DIE ANDERE were pretty busy at this point with the release of their album "Missglückte Welt" and DIE HEART already worked meticulously on the songs for their debut record, it took a while.

Now the time has come to publish the featured track, which was recorded in the Creative Audio Service Studio with Lennart Götzen. For this special moment, DIE HEART have cooperated with the highly talented Thamina Rastagar to create an extraordinary and fantastic lyric video that transforms "Jolie" (featuring SWISS) into a audio visual highlight.

Check out the clip right here:: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=onwhdUUggY4

Furthermore, "Jolie" (featuring SWISS) is now available for download in all important stores via NoCut Entertainment/SPV GmbH.

The waiting for DIE HEART's debut album will be over soon as well. The Hardcore newcomers from Hamburg, Germany, will enter the Sudio in September!