• TOP 5 Decepções ao Vivo de 2012
    • Epica @ Metalfest Open Air Loreley

      Simone's vocal performance was unusually weak in a few songs and the setlist should have been better.

      Lake of Tears @ Metalfest Open Air Loreley

      I honestly can't figure their setlists! Why can't I hear songs like Devil's Dinner, Raistlin and the Rose, among other great songs they have???

      Arcturus @ Vagos Open Air

      A really weird show, full of problems. Lots of sound problems, some odd behaviour by ICS Vortex and their songs, usually complex and multi-layered, were sounding one-dimensional, missing depth... I was hoping for so much more from this show...

      Fear Factory @ Hard Club, 2012.11.18

      Although their show was extremely powerful, Burton C Bell vocal performance was simply too bad. Won't accept that from a garage band, and much less from such an iconic band as Fear Factory

      Darkest Era @ Republica da Música, 2012.10.09

      Expected more from a band signed by Metalblade Records after releasing only a pair of demos. Particularly disliked their individual looks, on stage, showing a complete disconnection between them.